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City of London Churches

The London Undone ‘City of London Churches’ podcast series: 
A journey around the magnificent and many churches of the City of London. 
Learn about their histories, architecture, associations, features and their spiritual lives today.

Each episode will be released weekly during 2019. Either hear each episode by clicking on the main image on the HOME page or scroll down this page to listen them.

Before we get properly started with this series it is worth listening to this introduction. Here you will learn about the broad history of the City of London churches and get some useful background information on this subject. Hopefully it will help you appreciate and understand them a bit more and will give you some context.

1. This first episode tells the story of All Hallows by the Tower. Is this the oldest church in the City of London? Hear about its many American connections and its strange ceremonies.
With thanks to Adey Grummet at All Hallows by the Tower.

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