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Bedford Park

Take a District Line train towards Ealing Broadway or Richmond.  Alight at Turnham Green.

Welcome to Bedford Park!  “The Healthiest Place in the World”

This is a model suburban development.  At one time the neighbourhood was lived in by free-thinking artists and writers, it is now home to a different socio-economic group, but its architectural delights are still to be appreciated.  The protagonist of this podcast is Jonathan Carr, Bedford Park’s visionary developer.  He is brought to life by Peter Murray (New London Architecture)…

“A Garden and a Bath Room with Hot and Cold water to every house, whatever its size.  

A Kindergarten and good Cheap Day Schools on the Estate, and a School of Art.  

Also Church, Club (for Ladies & Gentlemen), Stores, “The Tabard Inn”, Tennis Courts, &c.  

Several houses now to let at rents varying from £30 to £130″

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