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St Katharine Cree

The London Undone ‘City of London Churches’ podcast series: A journey around the magnificent and many churches of the City of London. Learn about their histories, architecture, associations, features and their spiritual lives today.

30. St Katharine Cree was built to keep the riff raff out of the nearby Priory. It pre-dates the Great Fire of London. Every year a sermon is preached from here entitled ‘In the Lion’s Den’. And most movingly, it is the church where people who have a connection to the sinking of the Lancastria (1940) remember this tragedy. All of this, and more, is shared in this podcast – the 30th in the series.

Thanks to Judy Stephenson from Friends of the City Churches and Brian Grumbridge, the church’s historian, Roger Round and Martin Coops whose relatives died and survived (respectively) the sinking of the Lancastria.

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