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Postman’s Park

Welcome to Postman’s Park where you can see a very unusual memorial.  Commemorated here are three distillers from Three Mills.  59 other ordinary people who’ve done extra-ordinary things are also remembered in the park.

Five fellow City of London Guides share some details from this surprisingly upbeat and peaceful place in the heart of the busy financial district…

With thanks to

Marion Blair / Alexandra Epps

Tina Hodgkinson / Rob Jeffries / David Savage

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  1. Really interesting podcast; many thanks.
    A complete and detailed history of the park and monument can be found in a beautifully illustrated book called “Postman’s Park: G. F. Watts’s Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice” by John Price; you can get it on Amazon or from the Watts Gallery.
    There is also a new free mobile app called “The Everyday Heroes of Postman’s Park” which you can download onto your Smartphone or tablet computer and it gives you all the details about the people commemorated and the incidents in which they died. The app can be downloaded from

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