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De Morgan Foundation

George Frederick Watts was responsible for the memorials in Postman’s Park but it was William De Morgan who made them.

Watts clearly rated William but described his wife Evelyn De Morgan as being one of the greatest female artists of all time!

The colourful and mesmerising works of both husband and wife are brought to life by Claire at the De Morgan Foundation in Wandsworth…

I hope this whets your appetite to go and visit this treasure trove.

Since creating this podcast, the De Morgan Foundation moved out of Wandsworth and into the GF Watts Gallery in Surrey.

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  1. Loved listening to your conversation about William and Evelyn. I came to the opening of the gallery at Wandsworth. I will come and visit again soon I hope. I live in Whitehaven, Cumbria so will definitely come to the Blackwell exhibition starting April.

    • I’m really pleased you enjoyed listening to the programme. It’s a marvellous gallery showing the work of two extraordinary artists and Claire certainly brings them, and their work, to life. Are you a relation to William and Evelyn!?

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